Navigating Support Systems

Every large corporation is looking for ways to reduce costs of customer support services. Having a large call center is considered expensive and ineffective. That’s why many companies try to build additional support systems which customers can use instead of talking with support. This typically includes help libraries, web chats, e-mail support forms and many others.

In order for customers to use these additional support systems companies typically put them in front of live phone support. This way customers have to go first through these additional steps and if they still cannot solve their problems with them they end up with phone support. These is very effective for large companies but is very ineffective for consumers. This structure of support very often requires considerable effort from customer to get it resolved.

Instead of getting your issue resolved by a support personnel on a phone you often end up browsing through lots of unrelated issues, trying to describe your issue over chat or spend hours browsing through support forums.

The goal of this site is to reduce the hassle of having to search support numbers and e-mails through hoops and hurdles typical corporation creates for you in order to make you use other ineffective ways of communicating to them including e-mail, chat, help catalogsĀ and more.