Uber Customer Service

Uber customer service is available at help.uber.com. You can use twitter support for Uber available at https://twitter.com/Uber_Support. Also there is an Uber phone number you can contact in emergency situations with Uber. This phone number is: 800-353-8237 or 800-353-UBER

Lost and Found

Unfortunate enough to forget you personal item in Uber car? Don’t worry – you can always contact the driver and retrieve your item. Just login to Uber at https://auth.uber.com/login and provide all details regarding your lost item.

Uber Support Contact Details

If you need to contact Uber from your app you can do it by tapping on the top left “Profile” icon. Then you need to click History and select a ride you want to contact Uber about. After contacting Uber they will respond via e-mail to you.

Uber phone number

Uber doesn’t have a call center (only emergency phone listed above is available). The only way to contact them is via their twitter https://twitter.com/Uber_Support or from your Uber app (see how to do it above).

Uber e-mail

There is no uber e-mail where you can write to. You either need to contact them regarding your trip from the app or login to Uber website with your details at https://auth.uber.com/login and contact them from there.

Uber contact customer service phone number

In emergency situations try using following Uber contact number:


Lyft Customer Service

Lyft customer service could be a bit tricky to reach so below we will give you all options available to you for Lyft customer service.

The most popular way to get Lyft customer service is to go to the Lyft customer support center (see link below for it).

If you need assistance right away you may call to their emergency call line at 1-855-865-9553 and speak with Lyft representative.

As an alternative to customer support center you can e-mail Lyft at mailto:[email protected]

Lyft Social Media

Lyft support could be also accessed through their twitter at https://twitter.com/lyft or Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/lyft/

Lyft Phone Number

You can call Lyft emergency line at 1-855-865-9553

Lyft customer service link


Lost and found

Please follow instructions available at the following link for Lost and Found inquiries: https://help.lyft.com/hc/en-us/articles/213583958-Lost-Found